Waxing Poetic

Live in Wonder

“At Waxing Poetic, we create jewelry that helps you feel connected. I want to inspire your spirit by offering pieces that empower you to open up to the wonder of your wild and precious life.”

Patti Pagliei, Founder & Designer

Bloomers is proud to be a part of the Waxing Poetic family! Headquartered in California and factories in Bali, Waxing Poetic is founded on a reverence for communal sustainability to further enrich the lives of their employees as well as the lives of their extended families.           

It is the beautiful poetry of this company culture that infuses the Waxing Poetic designs with the deeply rooted connection through exquisite handmade artistry. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and hand-crafted with sterling silver and brass materials. At Bloomers, we believe that jewelry can help tell the stories of our lives. If you do, too, then Waxing Poetic is just the brand for you.



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